Charlie and Graeme Spencer

The original UGG BOOT Story

In the early 60’s, Charlie Spencer, a surgical shoe maker by trade, was making sheepskin Buff Pads for crash repairers. His daughter asked if he could make a pair of sheepskin slippers to keep her feet warm.

They were not glamorous, but they served the purpose — “WARM FEET”. Charlie’s son John and his mate Barry thought they would be great to put on after surfing and the boots started to gain interest with other surfers.

Barry introduced John Arnold to Charlie. John had a shoe repair and Surf Shop in Adelaide. Charlie’s boots were made with a soft sole and John applied a heeled sole.

Top Australian surfers of the late 60’s knew the only place to purchase sheepskin boots was John Arnold Surf Shop and Charlie’s workshop at Harvey Avenue, Netley. A customer remarked that the boots were ugly. John thought hrnmm, “ugly boots”…. No UGG BOOTS! The name was first registered by John in 1971.

Many years on, Charlie’s son Graeme still manufactures the original Ugg boot in South Australia.

Huggys Ugg Boots is in no way associated with the Original Ugg Boot Company